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  1. 2 points
    Hello my name is Rita 24 old year from Thailand I’m height 174 weight 57 im charge 5000 2hr 69 top and bottom suck deep and long lick and kiss massage and I’m safe and clean for you 100% call me if you want to be happy with sexy lady whatsapp +66959544483 line. Chirita
  2. 2 points
    Hi I am Thai Ladyboy Mikki still in Hong Kong and can come your hotel for thai ladyboy massage service. I stay in hotel in central Hong Kong island and can do incall and outcall service for meet ing you. I have popper and enjoy to play top and bottom with kissing and sucking. I am thai ladyboy but everything can seem like I am girl with special parts. Send me message for make meeting and only meeting in hong kong. I will back to thailand soon
  3. 2 points
    My fellow Thai Ladyboy lovers, I feel your needs. It’s fun to have a glamorous girl and it’s fun to have one with big tits, but most of the time, the real comfort lies in the arms of a very cute, very compassionate little darling, like Jayde, who has a great cock and very cute face that will make your heart melt. She might be the cutest Thai ladyboy in all of Bangkok, especially if you meet her in person. I would love to be with her and you might too.
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    Hi, you so sexy. I would love to meet you. wink
  5. 1 point
    I am alice live in pattaya and can visit bangkok for meeting. looking for serious man who not play game but looking for real meet and fun together not free. I like to fuck top and get fuck bottom can do everything 69 you like.
  6. 1 point
    Am ladyboy look for man who want to have good time with me. Will come enjoy with me my id line zapzap69
  7. 1 point
    I am top and bottom fun for everything ladyboy in tokyo who can give you good sexy thai massage in tokyo. I am with friends working as escort ladyboy in tokyo for few months before go back to Thailand so hope you can meeting me soon. send me the message for Line ID and meeting place in tokyo
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    Wanna know how you can tell if you’re truly, massively into a ladyboy cock? If you find yourself sucking my ladyboy cock when you’re with me, that’s a pretty good indication!! And it’s pretty clear the it wont be the last time you love sucking my hard ladyboy cock, who is so hot and sexy, anyone would! Yep you are here now in Bangkok for sucking my Thai ladyboy cock .That’s as good of an indication as there is. I don’t always want to give head. Only to the ones who really set my passions on fire..... Come and meet met and you will be sucking my ladyboy-cock every single time and doing whatever I demand of you, just for the privilege of making me happy and feel the greatest pleasure. A true sexy ladyboy like me deserves nothing less.
  9. 1 point
    Hi, Im ladyboy cat, living cambodia phnom penh. I like men come holiday phnom penh and have good time with me, we party and good sex and I can tour guide for you cambodia, show all places and nightclubs, you have good time sure. Love Ladyboy cat xx
  10. 1 point
    You can call me Bella the top trans of Manila, Makati. I am living before in UK and speak good English and always clean and fresh for GFE kissing sucking 69 and deep hard erotic role play fucking. I love to lick suck spit and swallow and rim you before putting my hard candy stick inside your hole. I welcome all gentlemen who like to experience the best and can afford to spend time with me more than once. You can find me in Makati often at Ayala mall so we can easily meet at nearby hotels to enjoy together.
  11. 1 point
    I am ladyboy natty in bangkok, maybe you have see my video on porn before I am more top with hard cock and like to meet with the tourist who visit in the bangkok. You never try you never know who is best top ladyboy in Bangkok. Call me Natty your next ladyboy girlfriend in Bangkok or can make trip together to Phuket or pattaya.
  12. 1 point
    Jun if your any where near Swansea or neathportalbot please send me your number so I can arrange meet with you please thank you xx
  13. 1 point
    Super Hot, Beautiful Thai Ladyboy Now work independently base on very convenient closer by Tokyo Station. Thai Ladyboy Shemale Newhalf Escort in Tokyo for your service and wildest dreams and fantasy. I am the best sucker and deep throating bitch who will give you the best ever 69 and ass licking service that will make your toes curl. I can be your moaning bitch bottom taking your cock deep inside me, Or I can be top fucking your ass like you have never experienced before in your life. I have a discreet room at Roppongi so come and explore your ladyboy dream in total privacy. Don't be shy if it's your first time, many men fantastise about being with a ladyboy but never have the opportunity or confidence. Find your confidence and take the opportunity to spend some time with the most beautiful Thai Ladyboy in tokyo tonight.
  14. 1 point
    I am ladyboy Amy escort in Pattaya. Please only contact me when you come to Pattaya already for meeting. Plesae not waste my time with chat or ask pics I like to meet in real and talk and do more together. I am working in bar and working escort massage in pattaya. I am full ladyboy not cut yet and can be top or bottom.
  15. 1 point
    Hi. I am 25 YO transgender ( PERFECT LADYBOY SALT ), living in the center of Manila. My name is Salt. To let you know a little important about my self, i have and got the whole great and beautiful package,inside and out and that is true, i think and they said too. Well, they said, i am sweet, cute, sexy, hot, erotic, seductive, good looking, sex appealing, very attractive, fucking gorgeous, sexy, stunning, hot, sex bomb, pretty, classy, saucy, sexually attractive, that is how they named me, and yes to confirm from me, that exactly how i looks like in real and how do i looks likes from my pictures is that exactly how i looks likes in real and i look even better in real, it is true and not just that i am very nice, great, and a beautiful person, i am very open minded, very understanding, and very accepting, that is also true. I have FB page you can view if you want to know a little more about me and you can see a lots of beautiful, nice, great and perfect pictures of me right there, i got videos there as well for you to see me in action and i have private short videos there as well i can share, and there you can see also how and why do people likes me, also i can share my private pics of my self as well, if you want too, i also have beautiful videos on Youtube and you can easily search it under the name of my name PERFECT LADYBOY SALT. I also have an ad on a forum from a site, i have posted my private pictures and normal ones, from simple cloths, with dress lingerie, there and if you want to check it out, just ask me and will show you how to get there and if you want to know more a lot about me more and more about me how as a person i am, i am the top girl on that forum, i have like more than 200 thousand views and second top girl only have over 9 thousand views. There you can see, the post and comments of the persons that i have meet before and see the post of the guys and why they do like me, that is because i have full of beauty inside and out, it is true. I have my own FB fan page as well, ask me if you want to see and i have my own websites and one of my sites shows all my sexy pictures, but if you want to join my site, just ask me if you are interested. I also have mobile number for you to contact me, just ask me. I am petite LB, my height is 5'2' half tall, in feet and inches and i have silicon implant in my breast and i think i have the most beautiful and perfect breast ever compare t to others, it really looks real and really look natural and very firm, and its true, they all like it too even girls and even LB's, they all like to have what i have from my appearance! I got the great perfect feminine shape and very very attractive body, have beautiful legs, even my feet, hands, arms, hips, bumm, its all perfect. I looks like a girl in real, and for my tool, you'll gonna like it, i have 6.5 inches tool and its shaved, i also have fair and smooth skin and i am very clean. Promise and i swear, i guarantee, and i a sure you, that you wont waste your time meeting me in real. It's true! We can also take a pictures or video while we are having a session only if you like too.You also don't have to worry, i swear, i am very professional in my profession and i am a person that you can really trust, it is also true! I can bring stuff sexy stuff too if you want too! I can do anything, that is all possible and i have done many thing in bed already, i think almost everything, i think everything already and i am a person that like to try everything. I am willing to travel with and i could stay for days like you want me to stay or as long as you want or maybe if you want me forever? I could travel outside the country too for an invitation and i have done that many times from guys who invited me. You can also search me trough my mobile number on Google, just type my mobile number or you can just type PERFECT LADYBOY SALT or LADYBOY SALT and you can go straight to images if you just want my pictures I can also send you my recent pics. About the gift, gift is just right and fare. I am very nice person, you can imagine a wonderful person in me and it is true and it is not a lie and you have to know that beside from everything, i am just a simple wonderful person, if you give a chance so you'll see. Also remember always that i am the person who knows what is right and not and i am aware and not a blind person, i have the right feeling not like the others! I am a person that who really know what i am doing. So why not to grab a chance? I guarantee you will never regret of meeting me and you will never waste your time meeting me. You will, really, really, really like me as a person and you will really love what you will have. That i am very confident! Grab a chance. Don't miss it! 🙂
  16. 1 point
    I really think a pretty, really stunning ladyboy is the most beautiful creature in the world, and I would put them up on a pedestal. They are the most perfect sexually desirable people in the world. And I love to see them wearing white, like ladyboy At here, because even though I doubt she is a virgin, she is so glorious and perfect, she may as well be a virgin, with how pure her beauty is. She is showing her cock, while wearing white lingerie. She is so pretty, so beautiful, so desirable. Yes, what a stunning ladyboy!
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    Some ladyboys have it, some ladyboys don’t. But you totally got the look! The look of a glamorous ladyboy superstar in the making. Very sexy with her slightly round face features, big, beautiful tits, and a nice and meaty girl cock, the shaft of which I wants you to massage in full reach around fashion fit of sexual passion for one of the most glamorous ladyboys in the history of ladyboys...
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    Hi, I hope that soon I will have a good meeting with you. How can I meet you? What is your price per day? Please write me your WhatsApp number Thanks
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