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Asian Teen Ladyboy Escort in Hong Kong

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I am a cute asian teen ladyboy from the Philippines visiting Hong Kong for a sometime to meet generous men who would like to date me and enjoy special times together. You can be my Hong Kong tour guide and I can give you a full guided tour of my cute teen ladyboy body in the bedroom. 

I am a small ladyboy who slip nicely into your bed or you can lift me up and put me anywhere you want me, or even put your something inside me. Take this chance now to meet me a young ladyboy who knows how to entertain.

Send me a message and tell me if I should wear sexy high heels or pantyhose... I might even give you my sticky ladyboy panties for a gift to keep.




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It’s not like you always want the same thing when kissing a ladyboy in her ass, is it? Well, some of you may go for consistency in your ladyboy preferences, but me, I like variety like @candysweet

Sometimes I really dig feminine softness, but I also love this ladyboy’s yummy ass, ya know, because sometimes a little funk and vinegar really turns me on. It’s so carnal and it makes me feel like I’m doing something dirty. I love that feeling. And a hairy wet ass gives me the kinky feeling I crave when I’m licking deep inside her.

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