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  1. I am a trained massage therapist specialized in deep tissue massage and prostate therapy for MEN The best way to milk you prostate is with a correctly done prostate massage When you apply adequate pressure to your prostate during the massage, your seminal (prostate) fluid is squeezed out of you prostate gland. Or, "milked". It is that simple! Always be gentle when you do a prostate milking. Sometimes, no fluid will appear to pass. You may not have enough in there to see any come out. Do not keep pushing harder and harder. Glandular tissue is much more delicate than muscle, skin or intestinal tissue. Too much pressure you can damage your prostate gland and/or tear the connecting urethra. You need an experienced and trained therapist to do this! It is highly effective and inexpensive. Every client who I know of has found the relief he was looking for. And that's saying a lot! For more details please
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