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About Me

Any guys out there looking to try anal but have been embarrassed or afraid to try it?

Do you want to experience the exquisite sensations of that intimate act?

I am a professional Asian TGirl experienced in introducing anal virgins to being fucked. Absolutely the best if you're a complete anal virgin; I love being gently press a lubed finger and a lubed toy into your tight ass for the very first time. 

Embarrassment, anxiety, nervousness or being shy is ok. I'm good at calming nerves and it's one of the reasons I like anal virgins! I'm firm and can guide you while still being kind and playful. Let me show you how it feels! When you are comfortable with it, we will move on to actual anal intercourse!

Also skilled with assorted aspects of BDSM and enjoy introducing first timers to that too. Try a little pain with your pleasure 😉 Not required to play though if you are just interested in getting your ass fucked.

If you're curious, send me a message! 
Safe sex only-with a condom!! No bareback!!










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